Opteamus B2B CRM System

We know that every company does different things in different ways. That's why our primary design consideration was rapid customisation on demand, for any sector, for any company. Everything is configurable, everything is integrated, just as B2B sales requires.

Be free to use your own language, qualify companies and potential business partners as you have done so far, keep your own sales methodology unchanged. We will adapt the software to your business and your expectations.

Your customer history doesn't have to end when the contract is signed, you can also manage the project, installation, service, maintenance and marketing data that starts afterwards.

What does your company do? Where do we start to get to know each other?

CRM with Extra capabilities

We store all the data and documents your organisation needs in a way that's extremely accurate and structured. These can be captured, queried, and statistically analysed using forms, as is common everywhere.

Our B2B Customer Relationship Management solution also takes a special interest in the text you type. Whether it's a contract, a marketing memo, or a transcript of a meeting, we automatically find and highlight all references to known companies, contacts, and other important things. We build an automated knowledge base of your business data, like you have your own wikipedia of your entire business, searchable with our Google-quality proprietary quick search.

B2B sales and customer management

B2B (business-to-business) customer management is a key area for companies and its proper management is essential for long-term success. In the business world, the success and survival of companies depends largely on the quality of customer relationships and customer satisfaction.

Business-to-business B2B sales is a completely unique area that we have been familiar with for years. We know that B2B sales will not be successful from a few automated emails. Rather, we focus on the relationships between companies and decision makers and the data we collect to support the sales force.

The best B2B customer management is not built on one-off transactions, but on long-term partnerships. Our Opteamus B2B CRM system accurately stores every detail of a relationship. A classic B2C CRM software designed for automated sales of books and pizzas - is not suitable for this.

CRM sales philosophy

The very existence of a CRM system brings order to the company, making customers, projects and related data countable and visible. Each client will have a person responsible, each task will have a deadline and a person responsible, the client history will be visible. The security module can also ensure that each person only has access to the data that belongs to them, even with enterprise complexity.

Beyond mere record-keeping, accurate data should help salespeople to be better prepared to succeed. Our automatically built knowledge base and quick finder are designed to do just that. Not only do we manage the B2B sales process, but we also make the work that follows a successful sale predictable and accountable.

Of course, the customer relationship management software should work from any mobile device, whether in Hungarian, English or the national language of any of the surrounding countries.

Obvious B2B benefits

When you're just talking about recording customer data and the process of quoting, all software looks the same. What makes Opteamus stand out from the field is its flexibility and creative solutions. We have been serving small and large businesses for 20 years with our proprietary B2B sales support solution.

What area captures your imagination?

Interested? We'll show you!

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Opteamus is a flexible and efficient solution beyond garage software, but beyond tens of millions of solutions - for more than 20 years. Unbeatable flexibility, from a Hungarian manufacturer, with Hungarian product support.

Our B2B Customer Relationship Management software is designed for organisations that want industry-leading functionality in terms of data volume, security, performance or reliability, but with the creativity and flexibility of custom software. Who are looking for a professional solution, but at a realistic price.

We show you everything live - request a demo, check out our prices!

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