An essential function of any CRM system is the documented tracking of commercial transactions.
The system stores everything from the first enquiry to a successful deal. And even further.

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CRM system basic functions

Customer Relationship Management software is the primary task of CRM systems, i.e. the management of customer, customer and potential customer data. Opteamus CRM shows everything in clear and customizable screens. You can see current customers, cases, their next step, their relationship and their complete history.

Accurate data makes management, marketing, customer service, service and finance more efficient. Good customer relationship management software helps you attract new customers and retain old ones. CRM helps you manage the start-up of projects, manage the work of your organisation.

Classic customer relationship management focuses only on sales. In turn, our application easily handles not only sales but also production, marketing, helpdesk and service.

A flexible system is a competitive advantage!

Our flexibility is particularly useful in B2B. Busines-to-business processes can be more than just a wooden tree. They can't just follow the linear 'two emails + two phone calls = contract signed'


The system can also help with highly complex, multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary projects. No problem if the client is complex, has many sites and departments.

The strength of a good CRM is flexibility and customisation.

CRM philosophy: know more!

CRM means to us the enhancement of the effectiveness of doing business through accumulated and systematised knowledge. For any growing business, implementing Customer Relationship Management is a big step forward.

Data sheets and CRM structures

Cég adatlapWe store companies and employees in a well-organised database with their data sheets. There is no restriction: there is room for any company, potential customer, buyer, supplier, partner or client. Beyond that, we can store your products, projects, installations, equipment sold, in fact anything(!) your business is about.

In addition to the usual fields for name, address, channel, customer status, you can add custom fields to the data forms as required. Such changes can also be made by local administrators in the system - with just setup settings. A key feature of our customer relationship management software is the ability to edit the content of the data fields. We can put exactly the fields on the screens that your organisation needs at the time.

Do you need the number of employees in a company or the language spoken by a contact person? It's a matter of minutes to add these as new fields to the appropriate company and people data sheet.

With smart configuration, it's almost a business management system!

See everything in the system, it's CRM customer history

Ügyféltörténet SCREENSHOTThis is the most important business function of any CRM. The complete history of any company, any enterprise, any customer, any sales process is easily visible. All important attributes are immediately visible in the system: channel, customer status, whatever.

All data visible from mobile devices

The quicksearch you can quickly find your way around client data, quickly prepare any case or key person story. You can easily read through parner, customer, client attachments, quotes, contracts, orders. We'll intelligently add useful information to your customer story that you wouldn't even think of!

You can use CRM not just from the office, but from anywhere on your mobile device. Salespeople can instantly pull up anything in the database from the parking lot or sitting at the conference table.

Integrated helpdesk, service and financials

The customer history in Opteamus includes, of course, all service work, installed equipment, invoicing. It also includes any business data that is generated after the sales.

The customer history screen is visible to everyone. Massive security technology ensures that only the data you are authorised to see is visible to anyone. Customer service, call centre, sales, service can be merged or split as required.

Full 360° view of customer data!

All links are immediately visible.

As B2B software, we even manage groups of companies, subsidiaries and sites. CRM gives you 360-degree visibility of your organisation's entire network of contacts.

Easy to use, you can even search for details with our quick search!

Keresés és leválogatás

Keresés és leválogatás SCREENSHOTAny customer, any company, any data at all can be easily filtered by any attribute. For example, do you usually indicate the sector, gift category, county or rank? These fields will be added to the corresponding data sheet in a snap. We support multiple searches:

The results of sales, marketing and financial breakdowns can be exported immediately to an excel file.

In fact, most data do not even need to be searched for. Our screens usually show everything immediately in full 360-degree view.

Campaigns and circulars in the B2B world

In a B2B environment, circulars are not about acquiring customers, but rather about retaining them. You can easily send simple (even html formatted) circulars to selected targets. You can also organise a campaign or event to reach them.

The campaign tasks, working materials and results are all clearly visible. The targets involved in the campaign can be easily distributed by the manager to the salespeople and mass instructions can be given. Our software connects to your mail server to send out business mail.

B2B marketing targets existing customers.

You can use our Campaign Manager features to organise events, events and training. Nem csak a megcélzott vállalkozások, ügyfelek listáját kezeljük, de a rendezvénnyel kapcsolatos belső feladatokat, anyagokat is tároljuk. We automatically show you which customers, which businesses, which companies, which campaigns they were involved in.

Automatic generation of formatted offers

Opteamus ajánlat generálás SCREENSHOTWe can prepare batch quotes formatted with a unique company template, at the touch of a button, and send them to the requesting party by email. The offer generation functionality will be brought to life in the context of the standard customisation. It's worth the investment because it can save you a lot of time and money.

The resulting CRM offers are neat, consistent, and easy to statistically analyze. Customers will see that the company takes business seriously and uses a customer relationship management system.

The neat-looking offers generated by CRM software also immediately convey a positive marketing message.

Lists and statistics in CRM

Vezetői statisztikák SCREENSHOTYou can create any statement from the stored data. The lists can be parameterised, categorised and even retrieved by mail on a scheduled basis. It is easy to demonstrate effectiveness, efficiency or shortcomings.

We have ready-made lists, we can create new ones on demand, but our users can also easily create lists themselves using List Wizard. Typical lists:

Timed, emailed CRM lists can be useful not only for managers. They can be used to provide proactive support to colleagues.

Better to see tasks ahead or contracts about to expire in a timely manner. It is smarter to act early than to make up for lost time.

Tips and tricks

B2B or B2C? Apple or pear?

The B2B and B2C are two separate worlds. Opteamus is a B2B specialist, i.e. it supports long, complex sales processes for your company.

Working with individuals as clients is quite different. It is not the accumulated information, but the automation and marketing functions that bring success. Most Hungarian software offers a B2C solution. Most notably Minicrm.

It's not really a matter of choice, your business clearly determines which way to go. Check out what companies we recommend ourselves to!

Human factor - the human factors of B2B CRM implementation

It is obvious to everyone that CRM offers benefits to the business itself, including managers. They want more transparency, improved lead conversion and increased control. However, this means increased administration for sellers and agents.

It is important that the purpose of the Customer Management Relationship is clear to them. They need to be shown that the work they put in will pay off. They need to see that they will also benefit from the CRM implementation.

With CRM, they will be able to work with more and more accurate information. They need to see that the system is not just a nuisance. Make them aware of the benefits too. A közösségi morál kezelésére kritikus ilyenkor.

A szervezet üzleti érdeke közös érdek.

Management expectations

It is important that management expectations are clear, but not overstated. Require only the minimum administration from staff, but strictly adhere to it. Automatic email statements from systems can help with this.

Frequently asked questions and answers

What are the benefits of CRM?

CRM software definitely makes sales work transparent and predictable. It helps you manage your after-sales engineering, service and financial tasks and data. Customer relationship management does not directly increase revenue, it does not clearly reduce costs.

Systems benefit the business indirectly:

When is a CRM implementation successful?

CRM software is just a tool. It must be used wisely and with purpose. With strong management will and clever briefing of sales staff, it is necessary to ensure that sales people do not sabotage the use of the system.

It is a function of training and motivation that they themselves see it as useful. It takes the right corporate culture and an upward business trajectory to see the benefits of CRM systems.

Szerző Hoppán Gergely

Meet the Author

I am Gergely Hoppán, founder of Alpha Consulting 1996. I am the originator of the Opteamus CRM software and still the lead designer. I have been working with enterprise systems for more than 30 years. I have led countless implementations in a wide variety of industries for a wide variety of companies and I am proud of them.

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